Summer Session Water Polo Registration Information
May 6, 2018- August 6, 2018
All age groups are determined by the athlete’s age on August 1 of the year in which the championship tournament is to be held.
Athletes will use their age as of Aug. 1, 2018.  Please make sure
you are training with the appropriate group and paying the correct fees.
New Players CLICK HERE for Steps to Register with CHAWP!
Registration Form – 2017-18 Registration Form
online registration no longer available
Please pay fees ONLINE IN OUR STORE                

Paperwork and fees must be submitted prior to entering the water.
registration form and a check or printout of online payment PLUS proof of USAWP membership registration with you the first night of practice.
AG Athlete
10 & U

AG Athlete
12 & U
AG Athlete
14 & U
HS Athlete
16 & U
HS Athlete
18 & U
Men & Women
(athletes out of high school)
SESSION FEE INCLUDES COACHING, PRACTICES & POOL TIME ONLY.  Additional fees for tournaments & leagues may apply-



Online Registration – Renew Membership: click here
Online Registration – New Member: click here

to download USAWP Registration Form: USWP Player Reg Form (CHAWP club #1281, So. Pac Zone)
Membership Terms:  Memberships are on a calendar-year basis, and expire on December 31. However, If you are a first time member of USA Water Polo and sign up between September 1 and December 31, your membership will be valid for the following year as well.  If you need clarification about USAWP policies like ‘gold’ & ‘silver’ athletes, go to the USAWP Web Site.
No athlete will be allowed in the water without current USAWP registration.  No Athletes will be allowed in the water without current CHAWP registration.  Please bring completed reg. form & payment your first night of practice-registration form signed by a parent or guardian must be turned in before an athlete can enter the water.

CHAWP Refund Policy
Per board policy, CHAWP Water Polo Club will not give refunds for session fees, tournament entry fees, travel fees or equipment fees.
For session fees: If a player is injured during a session and provides a note from a physician, the unused amount may be applied to future sessions for that athlete.  Clinic or Splashball athletes will be given a one-week trial period to see if they want to join.