Hale Tournament

2021 Hale Summer Championships

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday!

July 9th, 10th, and 11th

The Hale Summer Championships hosted by CHAWP

Tournament Director

Mike Sattler (mike@chawp.com)


Various pools located in the Inland Empire. Pools will be posted on our website (www.CHAWP.com)

Cost: $750 per Team Entry



Please remember to mail your entry form/payment to the address below:

12523 Limonite Avenue, #440-304,
Mira Loma, CA 92880

Divisions/Age Groups

  • 10 & U Mixed
  • 12 & U Boys
  • 14 & U Boys
  • 16 & U Boys
  • 18 & U Boys
  • 12 & U Girls
  • 14 & U Girls
  • 16 & U Girls
  • 18 & U Girls

Playing Rules

2021 USWP Rules including:

  1. All teams must meet age level requirements (age as of Aug 1). Exceptions at discretion of Director.
  2. All athletes, coaches, and clubs must be USWP registered for 2021.
  3. Teams can have an unlimited number of players.
  4. Some of the courses will be 25 meter with floating cages and other will be 25 yards with wall goals.
  5. Each team will be entitled to two timeouts per game.
  6. Ties in advancement games will be determined by shootouts. Ties in bracket play will be by FINA rules.
  7. Code of Conduct toward officials and scorer’s table staff will be upheld.

Rules & Requirements

Tournament Rules & Requirements:

  1. Tournament entry fee are due no later than July 3, 2021.
  2. We suggest that your teams bring canopies for shelter from the sun because shade is limited.
  3. Any forfeits result in a $100.00 fine per game to the offending team. Games are ruled a forfeit 10 minutes after the scheduled start time or if a team does not have at least 7 players on their roster ready to play at the start. It is the responsibility of the coach or team manager to follow the tournament schedule.
  4. If your team withdrawals prior to the beginning of the tournament you must find another team to fill your spot or forfeit your entry fee.
  5. A USAWP verified roster for each team will be required prior to the tournament.


Each division/age group will play in 4-5 games depending on the # of entries. Awards will be given for 1st – 3rd place for 13 players per team.


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