Water Polo Registration Information

Age Clarification

All age groups are determined by the athlete’s age on August 1 of the year in which the championship tournament is to be held.

Please make sure you are training with the appropriate group and paying the correct fees.

Getting Started….

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What to do

  • Club Water Polo Registration
    Complete CHAWP Water Polo Registration Form.
    Payment can be made by credit card in our Online Store or you can pay by check. Please give check directly to your coach.
  • USA Water Polo Registration
    Register online or print the registration form to fill out by paper.
    Payment can be made by credit card while in the USAWP website or you can pay by check and mail it to them.
  • Pool Selection
    Go to the Directions to Pool page for CHAWP locations and directions.
  • Register the first night of practice
    Come to the pool a little early the first night of practice and turn in your club registration form, a copy of your registration with USA Water Polo, and payment (or a copy of the online transaction).
  • Sign Up for our Remind Communication!
  • Please pay fees at Online in our Store
  • Paperwork and fees must be submitted prior to entering the water.
  • Bring registration form and a check or printout of online payment PLUS proof of USAWP membership registration with you the first night of practice.


Please remember to sign up for REMIND – It’s our primary way to send out communication. Stay in touch and join Remind so you can get notifications of schedule changes, tournaments, and pool closures. Below, you can click on the gender and from there, decide which group you wish to register to receive alerts and updates.


On your smartphone, text the following to the mobile number.

Boys 10

Text @chawp10 to 81010.

Boys 12

Text @chawp12 to 81010.

Boys 14

Text @chawp14 to 81010.

Boys 16

Text @chawp16 to 81010.

Boys 18

Text @chawp18 to 81010.


On your smartphone, text the following to the mobile number.

Girls 10

Text @chawp10 to 81010.

Girls 12

Text @chawp12s to 81010.

Girls 14

Text @chawp14s to 81010.

Girls 16

Text @chawp16s to 81010.

Girls 18

Text @chawp18s to 81010.

Water Polo Session Quarterly Fees (11-12 weeks)

Session fees includes coaching, practicing, and pool time only! Additional fees for tournaments and leagues may apply.

AG Athlete 10 & U

Athletes ages 10 years & under

AG Athlete 12 & U

Athletes ages 12 years & under.

AG Athlete 14 & U

Athletes ages 14 years & under.

AG Athlete 16 & U

Athletes ages 16 years & under.

AG Athlete 18 & U

Athletes ages 18 years & under.

Masters/Open Men & Women

Athletes out of High School

Splashball/Beginner Monthly Fee

Athletes 8th grade & younger

All Athletes must also be registered with USAWP

Select one of the button links below to update your USAWP membership.

For USWP Player Registration form – Use this to complete the form:

CHAWP club #1281, So. Pac Zone

Membership Terms

Memberships are on a calendar-year basis, and expire on December 31. However, If you are a first time member of USA Water Polo and sign up between September 1 and December 31, your membership will be valid for the following year as well.

If you need clarification about USAWP policies like ‘gold’ & ‘silver’ athletes, visit the USAWP Web Site.

Club Registration Policy

No athlete will be allowed in the water without current USAWP registration. No Athletes will be allowed in the water without current CHAWP registration. Please bring completed reg. form & payment your first night of practice-registration form signed by a parent or guardian must be turned in before an athlete can enter the water.

CHAWP Refund Policy

Per board policy, CHAWP Water Polo Club will not give refunds for session fees, tournament entry fees, travel fees or equipment fees.